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Re: Dodger Fans Unite!!!!

September 30, 2019 08:01AM
Third time is a charm.

That said wish I could go over to Rambeau's and Mama's house and watch the games with them when Dodgers play the Cards for NLCS.

That would ONLY work if you were gonna root for the Cards, otherwise... why would I even want you in my house? To do anything else, you'd be putting yourself in harm's way. I'm just sayin'.


  St Louis Cardinals clinch playoff berth

MamaRAMa74September 22, 2019 01:36PM

  congrats, Mama...

JamesJM25September 22, 2019 01:46PM

  congrats and good luck.........

21Dog24September 22, 2019 02:33PM

  As a Cubs fan, I NEVER discount the Cards.

Ramgator23September 23, 2019 10:47AM

  St Louis Cardinals win the NL Central division

MamaRAMa26September 29, 2019 12:58PM

  Go TWINS !!!

IowaRam23September 29, 2019 03:32PM

  Go Cardinals!! Attachments

MamaRAMa23September 29, 2019 05:34PM

  That's what I get for not checking in at the Pub more often...

JamesJM23September 29, 2019 05:58PM

  Dodger Fans Unite!!!!

ferragamo7928September 30, 2019 07:37AM

  Re: Dodger Fans Unite!!!!

MamaRAMa27September 30, 2019 08:01AM

  Wow....I was going to bring you beer, nachos and

ferragamo7926September 30, 2019 02:41PM


21Dog33September 30, 2019 11:36PM

  Unpleasant memories ?

waterfield22October 02, 2019 08:09AM

  question for the ages

21Dog19October 02, 2019 10:21AM

  guys I have finally gotten over that

ferragamo7919October 03, 2019 07:15AM

  I've never gotten over that

waterfield19October 03, 2019 08:07AM

  Re: what?

six2stack20October 03, 2019 03:02PM

  Re: Dodger Fans Unite!!!!

Arkansas Ram27October 02, 2019 04:19AM

  BRING IT!!!!!!!!

RAMbeau27September 30, 2019 04:17PM


Ramgator21September 30, 2019 04:53PM

  NLDS #1: Cardinals-7, Braves-6

MamaRAMa16October 03, 2019 04:17PM

  NLDS #2: Cardinals-0, Braves-3

MamaRAMa14October 04, 2019 04:10PM

  NLDS #3: Cardinals-1, Braves-3

MamaRAMa12October 06, 2019 02:33PM