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Radom stuff going forward

May 18, 2019 12:27PM
Yeah , those titles don't sound all that exciting..................on the outside.....................lol

Marvel has stated that Norman Osborn will be playing a large part in Phase 4 , and even larger part then Spider-man himself , Norman Osborn has always been my favorite bad guy , even though he was used in both the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield films, as his character was way underdeveloped and one and done in both films , I mean in the Andrew Garfield film , he didn't even get out of bed , confused smiley

but going forward , sounds like Norman Osborn will be a major player throughout Phase 4 , Norman Osborn might not be the global threat that Thanos was , but he still has the ability to screw up alot of peoples lives................lol

if you've watched the new Spider-man trailer , in the scene where Spider-man is taking a selfie of himself while swinging through the city of New York , well , in the background you see them rebuilding what used to be Avengers Tower , which will now belong to Oscorps ,

The Black Widow Film is rumored to take place right after Captain America Civil War and that Taskmaster will be the bad guy ,I might not be all that excited about Black Widow , but Taskmaster , thats a different story , he's always been one of my favorite non Spider-man villains and cant't wait to see him kicking some major butt

with Doctor Strange 2 , Nightmare will be the main villain , so I'm curious if Marvel will go the horror route , Nightmare , like Freddie , can kill you in your sleep

Black Panther 2, I have no clue , I know the director wanted to use Kraven The Hunter in the first Black Panther movie but didn't get to use him , and I don't think they'll get him here either as I think SONY has plans for Kraven , but in Endgame , Wakanda did tease Namor , and in the comics Namor does destroy most of Wakanda , so thats one possibility , although only a slight possibility

The trouble with Namor is , there is a new Namor rumor like every other day , I think every major actor in Hollywood who isn't already in a MCU film has been rumored to be up for the part, so , it's been kind of a wait and see with him

GOTG 3 , probably has me the most excited , first , it's been reported that Zaf Efron has signed on to play Adam Warlock

but what has me the most excited is that Beta Ray Bill is also being reported to be in GOTG 3 , the actual original owner of the hammer Stormbreaker , and a personal favorite of might , been a big fan of Beta Ray Bill and own a signed copy by the arthur Walter Simonson of Thor #337 , which is the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill ,

so if the rumors are true , and if Beta Ray Bill makes his long awaited appearance in GOTG 3 , I'll be as giddy as a little school girl............lol

and Chang-Shi , I am ready for some Marvel Kung Fu action , and most likely a part of the MCU we haven't seen yet

The Eternals , new rumor , Keanu Reeves is set to play the main villain , but thats a pretty new rumor so still taking a wait and see attitude to it

But stuff I have been hearing makes it a movie you might wanna keep an eye on , like both Hercules and a young Odin are both reported to be in the film as well

which brings us to Avengers 5 , I suppose they could continue with the remaining Avengers


this is just speculation on my part as the movie is still a few years away , and it's not even confirmed


it's been reported that Marvel has been working on a Dark Avengers film for a while now , which brings us back to Norman Osborn who has rebuilt S.H.I.E.L.D.and has taken on the mantle of the Iron Patriot and assembled his own Avengers team after the original Avengers had been disbanded

And so with the introduction of Norman Osborn in the upcoming Spider-man film, and the new owner of STARK / Avengers tower and with a common theme running through the next 6 or 7 movies , don't be surprised if Norman Osborn becomes the leader of the new Avengers

and what a great way to introduce Venom and Wolverine into the MCU

guess what I'm saying is , the Avengers in the next Avengers film probably won't be the same Avengers that were in the last Avengers film

again , this is all rumors and speculations , which is also kind of the fun about watching these movies , is trying to guess what happens next

Welcome to the MCU Norman Osborn


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  early reactions in, reviews start tomorrow

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  It was really, really good

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  Yes, I'm an idiot.... I need explanation...

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  I thought about this question for a couple minutes

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  I liked the first one the best.

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  I saw it Saturday (spoiler)

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  The brilliance of Marvel

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  Re: Avengers Endgame Trailer

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  I think we'll all look that way tomorrow

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  Been to see it twice!

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  Seen it twice as well

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