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Re: I agree w/ this part

February 16, 2018 03:31PM
At age 66, I like technology up to a point. I like having a cellphone so that I can contact my family or law enforcement or a medical facility in the event of an emergency. I do NOT live on my cellphone as so many others do. I don't download a bunch of apps, etc. and am probably pretty ignorant as far as using all of its capabilities. When I'm in a waiting room, I'd much rather try to engage someone else who's waiting in a real conversation rather than bury my nose in my cell phone. Nothing can take the place of human interaction. It's becoming harder and harder to do.

1. I drive a Mazda 626 which I bought brand new in 2000. Nothing in it is computerized and I hope to gawd this car lasts me till I die. Not only do I dread a car payment, but I dislike all the computerized stuff in new cars. They just have too many techie bells and whistles that I don't think are necessary in a car. It's too much computerized integration of working parts for my tastes.
2. I don't mind online banking, but I do NOT want to pay for stuff using my phone as my new "wallet". Eeeew. That just gives me the willies.
3. The rise of social media is rapidly degrading clear, well thought out, thorough, intelligent communication by written word that requires more than 140 characters. Good grammar, spelling, and even handwriting are all disappearing and that's shameful. Did you know that some schools don't even teach cursive writing anymore? How can that be a good thing, not to be able to write (not print) your own name? I don't like where things are headed.
4. Look what happens "when a system goes down". It cripples entire airports and depending on the system, can put thousands of lives at risk. A computer glitch can be deadly when all our eggs are in one basket.
5. I do NOT want a "smart house". I can turn things on and off myself without help from some Siri on steroids. And by the way, I wouldn't have one of those things you talk to look stuff up when I can do it myself. I prefer it. While looking for answers to one thing or another, I usually learn so much about other stuff along the way which keeps me in a constant state of learning and I hope, growing. You totally miss that by having those little contraptions do it for you.
6. Artificial Intelligence... NO THANK YOU!!

I could go on and on. I don't mean to come off that I'm totally opposed to technology because that's not the case. What I'm opposed to is technology that is making us less human, dumber, and less self-sufficient. Hope that makes sense.

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