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Needles.. flu shots and such...

October 09, 2017 10:09AM
Ok... so I wasn't the bravest kid ever. I hated shots when I was a kid. I don't remember ever 'crying' when I got a shot but my anxiety level went sky high.

As time wore on I got used to shots... and eventually I thought nothing about them... no anxiety at all... not even after some shots that actually hurt pretty badly.

Then I got older.. health problems set in, and about 4-5 years ago I went thru a series of tests where I was giving blood weekly. You would think that getting stuck so regularly I would have remained non-caring about shots and even getting MORE immune to them... but I didn't...instead, I started hating them again.

Today I only have to give blood a couple of times per year... one flu shot per year.... BUT.. I'm back to being a kid again. I hate them.

There is something to this second childhood thing.

BTW... the most painful shot I ever received was a pneumonia shot... about 3 or 4 years ago. It didn't hurt badly when I got it, a little, but later that day.. and for the next 3 blessed days.. it was agony. I couldn't use my arm.

Got a tetanus shot on my butt some years ago that was bad.. but nothing like the pneumonia shot. - JamesJM

  Needles.. flu shots and such...

JamesJM93October 09, 2017 10:09AM

  Penicillin shots REALLY suck...

sstrams19October 09, 2017 10:23AM

  I have heard that...

JamesJM20October 09, 2017 10:32AM

  Not really sure, Jimmy..

sstrams19October 09, 2017 10:58AM

  Nor me...

JamesJM19October 09, 2017 11:22AM

  Not sure of the diameter.. Attachments

sstrams20October 09, 2017 11:50AM

  Not a medical needle or an ice pick?

JamesJM20October 09, 2017 12:28PM

  I know it, right?

sstrams17October 09, 2017 12:55PM

  shots never really bothered me

IowaRam17October 09, 2017 01:59PM

  Moving beyond Shots... I'm terrified...

JamesJM24October 09, 2017 02:36PM

  Never had a cavity as an adult..

sstrams19October 10, 2017 03:48AM

  I will NEVER EVER get a flu shot again!! Have not since 1993!

Ramgator22October 10, 2017 02:05PM

  I have you beat...

JamesJM19October 10, 2017 02:19PM

  I have gotten two flu shots in my life..

sstrams19October 10, 2017 05:06PM

  Me too, exactly two of them...

JamesJM20October 10, 2017 08:00PM

  My Boot Camp flu was hell!

Ramgator16October 11, 2017 06:56PM

  My second flu / Rams related!! LOL

Ramgator16October 11, 2017 07:01PM

  one shot we should all get......

21Dog20October 11, 2017 08:47PM

  I second that....

JamesJM14October 13, 2017 05:02PM

  flu shots

IowaRam11October 13, 2017 04:42PM