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That's flat ridiculous

August 07, 2016 06:05AM
I didn't see where that report said otherwise, but I assume he's not going to "help" the residents at all? Just buy the property and tell them to pound sand?

That's about as cutthroat as it gets.

Improve the "microecosystem"? Does it even need improving? And if it does, does that necessarily mean people must forsake their property? There's other ways to improve ecosystems without evicting people lol!

And since when has Kroenke ever been concerned with the environment?

Must be nice to hind behind your money and blow smoke up people's a$$es.

  Oh man, are locals PO'd at Kroenke..

sstrams591August 06, 2016 08:01AM

  That's flat ridiculous

Drew2839335August 07, 2016 06:05AM


sstrams328August 07, 2016 07:51AM

  Re: Agreed..

Bud Frosty283August 07, 2016 08:29AM

  He's a real prince

LesBaker391August 07, 2016 03:16PM

  Oh, they'll care!

Drew2839277August 07, 2016 03:29PM

  His wallet weighs more than Nibblers poo NM

LesBaker261August 07, 2016 04:03PM

  No wonder he's rich: dark matter technology. nm

Drew2839269August 08, 2016 07:01AM

  Yeah... was reading on facebook today..

sstrams343August 08, 2016 03:35AM

  Re: Oh man, are locals PO'd at Kroenke..

Bud Frosty306August 07, 2016 06:36AM

  I was embarrassed..

sstrams299August 07, 2016 07:53AM

  Same as in Mexico

waterfield262August 07, 2016 08:44AM

  The way I understood it..

sstrams303August 07, 2016 02:15PM

  Re: The way I understood it..

waterfield345August 07, 2016 03:15PM

  I'm going to be the bad guy here.

Saguaro277August 10, 2016 10:22AM

  I totally get ya...

sstrams287August 10, 2016 11:12AM

  I'm not sure how that works....

JamesJM244August 10, 2016 11:18AM

  Just guessing...

Saguaro252August 10, 2016 11:43AM

  Yes, for retired folks who have nothing else this is tough. no doubt. nm

Saguaro245August 10, 2016 11:44AM

  Totally true

Drew2839229August 12, 2016 06:14AM

  The stories keep rolling in..

sstrams262August 12, 2016 09:15AM

  I would be VERY surprised...

JamesJM246August 12, 2016 09:25AM

  I have no idea...

sstrams258August 12, 2016 12:58PM