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My problem with this thread: assessing half of the role

October 11, 2018 07:22AM
As a guy who played TE in HS and the small college level, this discussion bothers me. The original post and all the replies I've seen (not all of them) only look at the issue of pass catching. That is only half of what a TE does, and in many cases the lesser part of the equation.

TEs have hybrid responsibilities. In their core role, they block, certainly on running plays and often on passes. Of course, stud TEs become stars catching passes. There are TEs who function as receivers much more than as blockers. And if you have that, it's a great asset. Unfortunately, Gronk-envy leads many to forget what the essential attributes of a TE actually are. A stud receiving TE is a luxury; a blocking TE is a necessity.

I can't understand why anyone would evaluate Higby without looking at his blocking. It's like evaluating drummers solely on the basis of solos and not looking at their ability to sustain the rhythmic foundation of the band.

Now, I have not done anything like a systematic analysis of Higby as a blocker. I have looked at specific plays now and then. I wouldn't say he is a dominant blocker, but he sure seems at least solid when I look at him. And I have seen him make some really, really good blocks. I would say he's at least a competent, mid-table blocking TE. And that anyone who wants to trash him better have a done a serious look at his blocking.

Higby's production as a receiver so far is limited. His blocking seems to me solid and a big part of our offense. I am not saying that the position could not be upgraded. I am saying that McV is getting a valuable contribution to the whole offense.

Our offense right now is based on a balanced threat: Gurley running the ball and WRs attacking BOTH the middle and deep zones. Crucial to that is the blocking. We are rightly proud of our OL these days which is providing the holes and solid pass blocking crucial to that balance. We also remember at times to remember that TG and Brown contribute to the pass blocking.

But a thread like this forgets that a competent blocking TE is a big part of that formula. Higby is a big part of opening holes for our RBs. And the continuing threat of the run opens space downfield. Higby's contributions as a blocker play a key role in the success of an offense that is attacking every level of the field, including zones often attacked by pass catching TEs.

Look, I get it. Blocking is not as glamorous as catching passes. Everyone loves the idea of a stud TE receiver, and we all remember that McV has a track record of using TEs on other teams. To this point, he has not matched that level of receiving production with our TEs. One feels disappointment.

But you know, I see it differently. I am sure McV will keep looking for a stud TE. But right now, he has done what all good coaches do. He has adjusted to his personnel. He has studs at QB, RB and WR and a superbly functioning OL. And he has at least one TE who blocks well. So, he has devised an offensive attack which stresses every part of the field with a TE who contributes best while blocking. That seems to me a superb maximizing of what we have right now. Nor do I see how we are suffering because our TEs are not studs downfield.

Maybe we find our TE stud next year or later. But you know even when we do, I bet there's a place for a grunt blocking TE like Higby.

  Our TEs

jemach544October 10, 2018 01:32PM

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Speedball89179October 10, 2018 01:41PM

  Your response is the only one...

jemach167October 10, 2018 11:11PM

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Speedball89103October 11, 2018 09:51AM

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RinconRam150October 10, 2018 01:48PM

  That is not...

jemach140October 10, 2018 02:59PM

  and name a team that has 3 WRs on pace for 1400+ yards?

Speed_Kills113October 10, 2018 07:18PM


jemach146October 10, 2018 10:38PM

  Re: Again

Speed_Kills112October 11, 2018 01:25AM

  Re: That is not...

RinconRam115October 11, 2018 07:04AM

  Exactly. McVay again proves how smart he is....

RAMbler91October 11, 2018 07:19AM

  Re: The Rams run 3WRs as a base offense

Speed_Kills153October 10, 2018 02:17PM

  Re: The Rams run 3WRs as a base offense

LMU93146October 10, 2018 02:37PM

  It is a problem...

jemach156October 10, 2018 03:02PM

  Re: we just don't agree

Speed_Kills122October 10, 2018 06:42PM

  Rams WRs v KC Kelcee, Watkins, & Hill

Speed_Kills136October 10, 2018 06:59PM

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jemach138October 10, 2018 10:36PM

  Re: No I don’t know that he’s a bust

Speed_Kills112October 11, 2018 01:37AM

  Kupp is 6-2, 208......hardly smallish nm

21Dog131October 10, 2018 08:55PM

  Re: It is a problem...

LMU93135October 11, 2018 02:55AM

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zn117October 11, 2018 05:17AM

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Rams43101October 11, 2018 06:21AM

  Re: my only disagreement

Speed_Kills103October 11, 2018 06:49AM

  one thing about Everett's draft position

LMU93136October 11, 2018 03:02AM

  the worst position on the team is OLB

zn120October 11, 2018 05:27AM

  Re: the worst position on the team is OLB

bigjimram21108October 11, 2018 06:18AM

  Re: the worst position on the team is OLB

zn67October 11, 2018 12:05PM

  You know, I can't take this seriously until ...

RFL101October 11, 2018 08:02AM

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dzrams143October 10, 2018 02:39PM

  So...once again...

jemach144October 10, 2018 10:37PM

  on their stats

LMU93126October 11, 2018 03:08AM

  Re: So...once again...

dzrams85October 11, 2018 10:17AM

  Re: So...once again...

RamsFanSinceLA110October 11, 2018 11:39AM

  Higbee had a TD v Arizona. Nm

stlramz108October 10, 2018 08:12PM

  ...and Everett got right up to the goal line Sunday. nm

RAMbler120October 11, 2018 07:20AM

  Re: Our TEs

Classicalwit117October 10, 2018 11:16PM

  If the TE's average 24tds a game, I will take it! (nm)

baraw92October 11, 2018 01:32AM

  Correlation and Causation

baraw166October 11, 2018 01:39AM

  My problem with this thread: assessing half of the role

RFL126October 11, 2018 07:22AM

  ....just adding one small thing.

RAMbler123October 11, 2018 07:42AM

  Indeed. That's a really good thing.

RFL98October 11, 2018 07:55AM

  Re: I partially agree...

dzrams109October 11, 2018 10:10AM


RFL132October 11, 2018 10:18AM

  You would think that the topic would be natural to us...

JamesJM115October 11, 2018 11:42AM

  6 sacks Jimmy

Hazlet Hacksaw103October 11, 2018 12:02PM

  Thanks... I knew that couldn't be right...

JamesJM115October 11, 2018 12:17PM