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Re: @ 43 which is it

September 10, 2016 10:59AM
are the Rams a playoff team as many here state.....if so that a lot of players. Rams have been injury free
and to add 5 new receivers, major changes linebacking core, etc. is a lot IMO. I doubt Arizona or Seattle replaces 13 or 14 players.

Are they a team on the rise.....did the Raiders replace that many players? Not sure......

I get an older team or a team with multiple injuries, but I keep reading Fisher is building a champion but players are changing every year and the record is the same.

Easy, ferragamo. Lol.

I was just commenting that a 25% player turnover in one year is not that much higher than the league average.

And that big of a turnover for a perennial 7-9 team should not be unexpected.

Plus, there is a big difference between replacing players and replacing starters.

Only new starter on O looks like Cooper. Once he's healthy, that is.

On D, there are just four.

Long replaced by Hayes (upgrade)
J Lau replaced by Ogletree (upgrade)
Jenkins replaced by Gaines. I consider this a push. Besides, Gaines is no rookie.
McLeod replaced by Mo. Might be a slight downgrade initially, but a long term net positive. And again, Mo isn't a rookie, anyway.

Bottom line? Cooper looks like the only rookie starter this year, and he won't see the field anyway until he's healthy.

Hardly a deluge of new rookie starters come opening day, don't you think?

  Rams release Garrett Reynolds NM

LARams17980September 09, 2016 01:29PM

  Re: Wow

TonyHunter87612September 09, 2016 01:54PM

  Re: Wow

Killrazor577September 09, 2016 01:57PM

  No one is going to sign him hurt

Hazlet Hacksaw449September 10, 2016 03:21AM


BC Ramsfan519September 09, 2016 02:17PM

  Rams have turned over 1/4 of their roster

ferragamo79573September 09, 2016 02:27PM

  Yes very worrisome...

max367September 10, 2016 04:08AM

  Re: Rams have turned over 1/4 of their roster

Rams43321September 10, 2016 07:05AM

  Re: Rams have turned over 1/4 of their roster

oldschoolramfan310September 10, 2016 07:09AM

  @ 43 which is it

ferragamo79334September 10, 2016 07:50AM

  Re: @ 43 which is it

Rams43333September 10, 2016 10:59AM

  It means

9er8er291September 10, 2016 08:05AM

  Re: It means

Rams43272September 10, 2016 11:04AM

  I don't think you are looking at this correctly

LesBaker277September 10, 2016 02:13PM

  No, I'm looking at it correctly

9er8er294September 11, 2016 08:23AM

  I sense the Rams are gathering cap space for something

RockRam378September 10, 2016 03:47AM

  Re: I sense the Rams are gathering cap space for something

GreatRamNTheSky388September 10, 2016 04:09AM

  Re: I sense the Rams are gathering cap space for something

oldschoolramfan323September 10, 2016 06:38AM

  Snead has mentioned Aaron Donald

merlin333September 10, 2016 07:56AM

  Brockers too

Silverback295September 10, 2016 08:00AM

  To me Brockers is just a guy

GreatRamNTheSky369September 10, 2016 08:13AM

  Re: To me Brockers is just a guy

azramfan373September 10, 2016 08:30AM

  Re: To me Brockers is just a guy

Suh-weet!194September 11, 2016 08:08AM

  Re: Totally agree

dzrams297September 10, 2016 09:23AM

  Re: Was bummed when they didn't take Andrew Billings

Billy_T312September 10, 2016 09:45AM

  Agreed, he deserves no big payday from Rams

GreatRamNTheSky304September 10, 2016 09:46AM

  He's extremely consistent

Blue and Gold243September 11, 2016 10:01AM

  Re: Me too!

dzrams320September 10, 2016 10:43AM

  He is an elite shade tackle

Blue and Gold275September 11, 2016 09:24AM

  Re: I disagree...

laram248September 11, 2016 09:50AM

  I wouldn't say elite, but...

Suh-weet!195September 11, 2016 10:20AM

  On the old board

Blue and Gold219September 11, 2016 10:24AM

  Found one file Attachments

Blue and Gold226September 11, 2016 10:40AM

  i bet they bring him back

stlramz303September 10, 2016 10:31AM

  Re: I sense the Rams are scratching their heads

BumRap359September 11, 2016 10:39AM

  Re: I sense the Rams are scratching their heads

zn305September 11, 2016 11:22AM