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The Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Rams live for stressing out their fans

RamsDynasty13709/25/2016 03:23PM

  Gregg Williams will win or lose this game for us.

PeoriaRa15809/25/2016 03:21PM

  My internet feed just went dead..

sstrams15009/25/2016 03:20PM

  So what do we do about Austin?

reggae19309/25/2016 01:46PM

  Yeah probably just cut him .nm

ArizonaRamFan5809/25/2016 02:00PM

  Re: Yeah probably just cut him .nm

reggae5809/25/2016 03:17PM

  About 15 minutes from resuming!!! nm

Ramgator12009/25/2016 03:13PM

  Re: About 15 minutes from resuming!!! nm

MamaRAMa8409/25/2016 03:13PM

  Cool this is a make or break game for us

ramfan76t6709/25/2016 03:13PM

  run defense was bad today

Hazlet Hacksaw16609/25/2016 03:00PM

  21 rushes 73 yards 3.5 YPA, 1 TD. That's good run D

Blue and Gold7909/25/2016 03:03PM

  okay situationally not too hot

Hazlet Hacksaw7609/25/2016 03:05PM

  they blew one run, Mo and AO missed tackles.

Blue and Gold7309/25/2016 03:06PM

  More than one

Hazlet Hacksaw6209/25/2016 03:10PM

  those are normal, before that on 23 yards run---2.5 YPA

Blue and Gold5909/25/2016 03:12PM

  agree - lets hope they hold for 2 more mins nm

Hazlet Hacksaw4909/25/2016 03:13PM

  Let's face it, The next play will be a run.

The_Zone27009/25/2016 02:49PM

  if it was a FG game I'd be really scared

Hazlet Hacksaw9309/25/2016 02:54PM

  Every Right To Be Scared

RamFanInPA10209/25/2016 03:06PM

  Hekker needs to kick the crap out of it

Hazlet Hacksaw9509/25/2016 02:55PM

  WTH is going on?

napoli20109/25/2016 03:04PM

  weather delay

ArizonaRamFan5609/25/2016 03:04PM

  Re: WTH is going on?

MamaRAMa6109/25/2016 03:05PM

  God has answered your prayers! nm

Ram Fan Teacher5609/25/2016 03:06PM

  That last Bucs series was brutal

Hazlet Hacksaw20909/25/2016 02:46PM

  Hamstrung by Gaines' Saffold like injury status

RamsDynasty7909/25/2016 03:04PM

  Hope so man

Hazlet Hacksaw6609/25/2016 03:06PM

  vikings had 8 sacks today - wow

Hazlet Hacksaw18809/25/2016 02:41PM

  If i`m Minnesota, I`m shopping for a RB..

PaulButcher595909/25/2016 03:01PM

  Agree - they didnt light it up on offense today

Hazlet Hacksaw5509/25/2016 03:03PM

  Looks like fans are filing back in, game on soon? ,nm

ArizonaRamFan16909/25/2016 02:56PM

  Re: from ESPN...

THE FANATIC13609/25/2016 02:58PM

  do the players take another shot of speed?

Blue and Gold22709/25/2016 02:45PM

  Speed kills

ramfan76t9409/25/2016 02:48PM

  Give defense a time to rest up

RamsDynasty19709/25/2016 02:20PM


Ramgator12209/25/2016 02:37PM

  Re: Give defense a time to rest up

THE FANATIC8509/25/2016 02:45PM

  Wentz 20-27 263 2 Tds 129.7 QBR

ferragamo7928709/25/2016 01:06PM

  Well, we know he's better than Keenum...

JamesJM10109/25/2016 01:08PM

  Re: Wentz 20-27 263 2 Tds 129.7 QBR

ramfan76t9909/25/2016 01:09PM

  Thanks so much for the update, Gamo.

ArizonaRamFan10509/25/2016 01:09PM

  'But think of this...if Wentz was on the Rams...

jemach14509/25/2016 01:13PM

  Re: 'But think of this...if Wentz was on the Rams...

dzrams11809/25/2016 01:14PM

  Not going to get an argument from me...I'm been...

jemach8009/25/2016 01:16PM

  That is absolutely true. Wentz under Fisher. (nm)

JamesJM10109/25/2016 01:17PM

  Not sure if what I just heard about Wentz is true.....

HighPlainsDrifter16209/25/2016 01:42PM

  Re: Not sure if what I just heard about Wentz is true.....

ramfan76t9209/25/2016 01:47PM

  Re: Not sure if what I just heard about Wentz is true.....

Ramit10309/25/2016 02:27PM

  Re: Wentz

RFIP11809/25/2016 01:53PM

  Yep...Good for Philly...And they get their 1st round pick back..

PaulButcher5911809/25/2016 02:43PM

  You guys remember the NFL Films Classic???

Ramgator22209/25/2016 02:29PM

  That would be considered a slur in these days

ramfan76t5709/25/2016 02:31PM

  or NFL is short "not for long"

Hazlet Hacksaw5609/25/2016 02:31PM

  yep, Denvers coach...Red something.....

Arkansas Ram6109/25/2016 02:32PM

  Red Miller nm

Hazlet Hacksaw4109/25/2016 02:39PM

  Lou Saban

Blue and Gold4309/25/2016 02:40PM

  Would it be too much to ask

RamsDynasty23909/25/2016 02:32PM

  Re: Would it be too much to ask

ramfan76t9609/25/2016 02:36PM

  I think the Bucs will be ready for it nm

Hazlet Hacksaw8309/25/2016 02:39PM

  where is hayes?

Hazlet Hacksaw16509/25/2016 02:11PM

  Hurt ankle nm

Ram Fan Teacher4809/25/2016 02:14PM

  Looking for mermaids

RamsDynasty5909/25/2016 02:39PM

  Please tell me I am not going to wait around for X time to.....

roman1819409/25/2016 02:38PM

  Would it be possible to have the Rams ballboys

ramfan76t15209/25/2016 02:35PM

  C'MON!!! Just ONE 12 yard pass!!!!!

Ramgator20909/25/2016 02:31PM

  no way

Hazlet Hacksaw8009/25/2016 02:32PM

  Or run with Gurley, it's time get the 12 (nm)

mexram9609/25/2016 02:32PM

  Fisher just dodged a BIG bullit!!!

RFIP33509/25/2016 02:14PM

  Re: Fisher just dodged a BIG bullit!!!

stlramz13109/25/2016 02:15PM

  Re: Fisher just dodged a BIG bullit!!!

stlramz12209/25/2016 02:21PM

  there will be no time left for that

Hazlet Hacksaw9909/25/2016 02:22PM

  Re: Fisher just dodged a BIG bullit!!! (YUP)

Suh-weet!14809/25/2016 02:30PM

  You know what is scary

ramfan76t21309/25/2016 02:28PM

  Someone hand fisher a metal rod. Nm

Cornelius15709/25/2016 02:21PM

  Re: Someone hand fisher a metal rod. Nm

ramfan76t10209/25/2016 02:26PM


Cornelius9609/25/2016 02:26PM

  jezz we ought to just take a safety.....

Arkansas Ram22909/25/2016 02:19PM

  Really? Really?

Ram Fan Teacher7509/25/2016 02:21PM

  Re: Really? Really?

Ram Fan Teacher7109/25/2016 02:22PM

  no...just pissed......

Arkansas Ram8209/25/2016 02:23PM

  I understand..I'm not feeling well myself LOL nm

Ram Fan Teacher6309/25/2016 02:24PM

  Good delay for the Rams...

PaulButcher5922909/25/2016 02:20PM

  Agreed and defense was gassed

stlramz10809/25/2016 02:22PM

  give the rams a rest

Hazlet Hacksaw10009/25/2016 02:23PM

  This topic has been moved. So what do we do about Austin?

reggae409/25/2016 01:52PM

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