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The TonyHunter87 Game Time Forum is the message board to use to chat with fellow Rams fans during Rams games. TonyHunter87 was a Rams fan/friend of RamsFansForums.com. R.I.P Nelson. ALL RAMS GAME-TIME posting to be done on this forum.  
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  Free ticket to Skins game..

Hollywood Ram9609/17/2017 08:22AM

  Game Time Forum note again...

Anonymous User61509/17/2017 07:16AM

  Some thoughts on Gurley

RamUK20709/10/2017 02:00PM

  Re: Some thoughts on Gurley

Hollywood Ram11609/10/2017 02:11PM

  Sean is gonna get a reputation of running up the score! lol...NM

laram13809/10/2017 01:56PM

  Re: i want a 50 burger nm

Speed_Kills6409/10/2017 01:58PM

  Re: Extra pickles nm

Speed_Kills5109/10/2017 01:59PM

  Would love a Fity-burger, with cheese

Guard11409/10/2017 02:02PM

  Re:Holy Smokes!!!...NM

laram4809/10/2017 02:04PM

  'Merica! (NM)

Guard5309/10/2017 02:07PM

  And the Fisher albatross is officially off our necks..

max18009/10/2017 02:04PM

  In other news, Goff broke 300 yards!

ArizonaRamFan18009/10/2017 01:50PM

  Re: In other news, Goff broke 300 yards!

RamsDynasty10509/10/2017 01:58PM

  Re: In other news, Goff broke 300 yards!

Hollywood Ram9909/10/2017 02:04PM

  Re: great job JG!!! Congrats young man!

Speed_Kills9309/10/2017 01:59PM

  Re: In other news, Goff broke 300 yards!

napoli8409/10/2017 02:01PM

  Austin is a total waste of money...

max20909/10/2017 01:45PM

  Yeah I'm finally ready to cut bait on him

ArizonaRamFan8009/10/2017 01:48PM

  Re: But someone had posted that...

tomatosan7809/10/2017 01:50PM

  Re: Austin is a total waste of money...

reggae7209/10/2017 01:50PM

  Re: Austin is a total waste of money...

Hollywood Ram6509/10/2017 01:58PM

  Re: Austin is a total waste of money...

reggae6009/10/2017 02:00PM

  And draft resources

9er8er7109/10/2017 01:52PM

  what was worse....

21Dog6509/10/2017 01:53PM

  I'll go with....

Ram495209/10/2017 01:55PM

  Re: what was worse....

Rams435209/10/2017 01:56PM

  Trading up of course!

9er8er5909/10/2017 01:57PM

  chicken or the egg? nm

21Dog5409/10/2017 02:02PM

  Agree, but,,, right now, who cares?? Let's celebrate !!! (nm)

mexram5209/10/2017 01:53PM


Ram496409/10/2017 01:53PM

  Re: Probably is his last year but...

dzrams6609/10/2017 02:04PM

  For you TonyHunter87 (Nelson)!!!!

Ram Fan Teacher10909/10/2017 02:03PM

  Colts look like Rams of years prior

Drew283910909/10/2017 01:56PM

  Re: That's it young Drew...NM

laram3509/10/2017 02:03PM

  Nice stat line for Goff.. 72.4% completion rate.

max15009/10/2017 01:58PM

  Re: more importantly

Speed_Kills6509/10/2017 02:02PM

  Love the YPA. That's important. nm.

Saguaro4509/10/2017 02:03PM

  Man ion and Davis in nm

Ram499809/10/2017 01:59PM

  Playing the 2nd D but keeping Goff and Gurley in...

dzrams11809/10/2017 01:43PM

  Re: Was thinking the same, wth?!?!...NM

laram4509/10/2017 01:44PM

  Re: This is really strange to ME.

laram5709/10/2017 01:50PM

  Re: This is really strange to ME.

dzrams6209/10/2017 01:55PM

  Re: This is really strange to ME.

Hollywood Ram4409/10/2017 01:56PM

  Re: Playing the 2nd D but keeping Goff and Gurley in...

Hollywood Ram5309/10/2017 01:55PM

  Re: I debated putting his name in there...

dzrams5409/10/2017 01:57PM

  Re: I debated putting his name in there...

Hollywood Ram4609/10/2017 01:59PM

  Lots to like about the defense today

Speed_Kills13109/10/2017 01:57PM

  Goff plays like a number one over all pick and Rams destroy Colts

GreatRamNTheSky15509/10/2017 01:56PM

  Brown WANTED that TD!. nm

Saguaro6009/10/2017 01:51PM

  So did Sullivan. nm

jemach4509/10/2017 01:55PM

  How bout that second effort?...NM

laram7009/10/2017 01:51PM

  helluva fighter, well done .nm

ArizonaRamFan4809/10/2017 01:52PM

  Re: I like Brown...NM

dzrams5009/10/2017 01:53PM

  what can Brown do for you? nm

21Dog3909/10/2017 01:54PM

  and Gurley looking more like Trent Richardson every day...

max6209/10/2017 01:55PM

  NIce effort with a massive assist from Sullivan. nm

jemach4409/10/2017 01:54PM

  Mundane. Annihilation or minor Soul Crush

CraigMatson11009/10/2017 01:55PM

  Goff 306 yds passing nm

ABQRam5609/10/2017 01:50PM

  Rams defense outscoring SF & Sea combined nm

ABQRam5009/10/2017 01:54PM

  Rams match their pt. total from 1st 3 gms of '16...

Ramsfsninmd7709/10/2017 01:54PM

  Score is great. Topic titles not so much

JamesJM13009/10/2017 01:44PM

  Lol, domination of the colts has become ho-hum already. nm.

Saguaro4009/10/2017 01:45PM

  Re: Score is great. Topic titles not so much

CraigMatson7409/10/2017 01:48PM


Drew28395409/10/2017 01:54PM

  Ok...now you can take out Goff.

jemach8609/10/2017 01:53PM

  I think the Rams safely covered the spread...

max7609/10/2017 01:53PM

  Rams need to get 40 here

Blue and Gold8309/10/2017 01:50PM

  14-6 Pack over Hawks and Niners still down...

Hollywood Ram4609/10/2017 01:47PM

  kinda irritates me in a way...

Guard18609/10/2017 01:34PM

  Re: McVay is coaching like he has a SB team er sumin...NM

laram5709/10/2017 01:35PM

  Shany sure ain't. :) nm

9er8er5009/10/2017 01:38PM

  He gets the benefit of the doubt after today

stlrams136609/10/2017 01:41PM

  Ooooo Dilly Dilly!! nm

Ram Fan Teacher5609/10/2017 01:42PM

  Don't like it either (nm)

mexram4309/10/2017 01:42PM

  Like it worse if someone got hurt now....

CROMWELL215309/10/2017 01:44PM

  Re: Yes clearly a lot of kinks

Speed_Kills5709/10/2017 01:45PM

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