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October 10, 2021 07:04AM
Who’s going to see the Rams-Giants game this coming Sunday (October 17)?!? If it’s you please consider connecting at our tailgate!!

We did a Herdfest East back in 2017 and this version will be bigger (and possibly better) than that one. (If you missed us in 2017 you can check out the photos in this post [ramsrule.com] for a glimpse of what it was like.)

We have 36 fans busing down to MetLife Stadium for the game. Sadly, most of them are Giants fans, but we have a strong, loyal contingent of Rams fans as well and we’d like to at least meet and hopefully tailgate with you.

Our plan is to park in ‘Charter Bus Parking’ and it looks like you can get a ‘Gold’ parking pass and park in Lot L if you want to be close to our location. See the first post in this thread for a MetLife Stadium parking map and also a pic of the bus we’ll be using. (I’ll come here and post our exact location once we park…)

We are doing the tailgate a little different this year just make it easier to participate. Essentially, you have these options:

• Buy in - you can buy in for breakfast sandwiches ($5), Bloody Marys ($5) and/or lunch ($15). Breakfast & Bloody Mary’s will be served from around 9:00am to around 9:30am, lunch from 11ish to noon.
• Add in - add an appropriate food item to the lunch buffet and have access to the entire lunch spread.
• Stop in - if you have other arrangements for food just swing by and say 'hi' and hang out.

We are limiting the 'buy in' to 12 more guests just to not overwork the cooks – first come, first served. (You can reply to this post or PM me; please do that by Wednesday, Oct 13.)

And if you want to 'add in' send me a PM telling me what you'd like to bring so I can keep track and hopefully avoid duplicates.

The menu ...

Breakfast sandwich: egg & cheese with sausage or bacon on a hard roll.

• smoked cheese
• jalapeno poppers
• sausage, pepper, and onion sandwiches
• marinated chicken thighs
• mac salad
• cole slaw

My name is Bob & I’ll be wearing the classing white Deacon Jones jersey. Hope to see some of you on Sunday!!


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