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Re: Open and missed

November 20, 2022 10:33AM
Add backup QB to the long list of needs.

At least he knew where to go and he had to arm strength to get it there. He would probably completed that if he practiced with the 1st team all week.

Give him a break....it's his first game. Goff was worse in his 1st game.

  Open and missed

Ram_Ruler320November 20, 2022 10:31AM

  He had to wind up to throw it 25 yds

Hazlet Hacksaw81November 20, 2022 10:32AM

  I noticed that....

JamesJM80November 20, 2022 10:33AM

  Re: He had to wind up to throw it 25 yds

Ram_Ruler121November 20, 2022 10:34AM

  Re: He had to wind up to throw it 25 yds

RamsAl48139November 20, 2022 10:34AM

  Im talking arm talent -

Hazlet Hacksaw68November 20, 2022 10:46AM

  Re: Im talking arm talent -

RamsAl48122November 20, 2022 11:01AM

  He missed high sometimes.....

JamesJM235November 20, 2022 10:32AM

  Very high

Ram_Ruler109November 20, 2022 10:34AM

  Re: Very high

RamsAl4859November 20, 2022 11:05AM

  Re: Open and missed

Classicalwit75November 20, 2022 10:33AM

  Re: Open and missed

RamsAl48111November 20, 2022 10:33AM

  I think you're right... give him a chance...

JamesJM122November 20, 2022 10:34AM

  Re: Open and missed

Ram_Ruler75November 20, 2022 10:36AM

  That's been on the list since Bortles

Ridgewood Ram150November 20, 2022 10:34AM

  Perkins has 3/7 passing, 29 yards

MamaRAMa194November 20, 2022 10:38AM

  Re: Perkins has 3/7 passing, 29 yards

RamsAl48142November 20, 2022 11:02AM

  Re: Perkins has 3/7 passing, 29 yards

MamaRAMa173November 20, 2022 12:27PM