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Devil's advocate

September 12, 2021 05:52PM
Willing to bet that we didn't show a lot of our coverages and game plan today. We probably knew the bears couldn't keep up and there was no point in giving other teams tape to scout. And we only gave up 14 points so it must have worked.

  This defense is disgusting

JYB127September 12, 2021 05:39PM

  Re: This defense is disgusting

73Ram31September 12, 2021 05:43PM

  Re: This defense is disgusting

MamaRAMa33September 12, 2021 05:45PM

  Re: This defense is disgusting

73Ram24September 12, 2021 05:56PM

  14 points

Rams Junkie29September 12, 2021 05:49PM

  Devil's advocate

Ram_Ruler36September 12, 2021 05:52PM

  Re: That's a reach but what the heck any port in a storm nm

Rams_7822September 12, 2021 05:54PM