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I think I found it!!

December 01, 2022 07:31PM
It's Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia!!! I found that exact logo!!

Very small public liberal arts university with only about 3,100 students.





  what college teams rams other than CSU

ferragamo79148November 26, 2022 02:28PM

  Re: what college teams rams other than CSU

BlueRidgeHorns76November 26, 2022 03:06PM

  Re: what college teams rams other than CSU

Ridgewood Ram60November 28, 2022 06:40PM

  thanks all - colors are blue with yellow logo

ferragamo7949November 30, 2022 02:59PM

  hmmmm still cant find blue yellow with Rams - Fordham

ferragamo7938December 01, 2022 03:37PM

  HAA!!!!!!!!!!! I have a funny story that goes with this very question!

Ramgator121November 30, 2022 03:14PM

  Angelo State University

MamaRAMa101December 01, 2022 06:15PM

  Here is picture of hat - thoughts maybe Angelo State old logo Attachments

ferragamo79104December 01, 2022 06:55PM

  I think I found it!!

MamaRAMa75December 01, 2022 07:31PM

  No joke when I posted this I was thinking

ferragamo79116December 02, 2022 07:12AM

  Ferragamo- Here's a reason to wear the hat

MamaRAMa130December 03, 2022 03:48PM

  You are so awesome Vicki

ferragamo7933December 06, 2022 05:27PM