November 23, 2022 08:41AM
All I got was expensive stomach cramps. I was 6'5" and 139 at one point. NOW....I'm 6'5" and hovering between 208-215. Two years ago, I hit 227.......98% of that is in my dang gut! Good thing with me is when I get SERIOUS, I can lose weight. I have no problem walking or exercising. It's dodging food that TASTES GOOD!

  Weird how our ability to eat / what we eat changes with age

Ramgator137November 22, 2022 03:36PM

  Yup.. back in the 80's..

sstrams69November 22, 2022 04:19PM

  Sounds JUST like me in the 80s. I tried that weight gain crap.

Ramgator55November 23, 2022 08:41AM

  Its tough for me to lose it..

sstrams77November 23, 2022 12:25PM