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Remember talking about Hachi?

November 20, 2022 03:13AM
And the movie "Hachi - a Dog's Tale"? I just discovered a surprising connection.

A few years ago I watched that movie with my youngest grandson, Elijah.... Elijah was swept away by the tale of Hachi - and made me promise that one day I'd take him to visit Hachi's grave.

Skip to a couple days ago. I sent an email to Kaa who lives in Japan.... Kaai was our foreign enhance student back in the late 90's. It was a Happy Birthday email... Kaai just turned 45 yrs old. In the email I mentioned, semi-jokingly, that I would probably return to Japan one day because of my promise to my grandson to visit Hachi.

Just received her reply email... Kaai was VERY excited by my mention of Hachi... come to find out... she lives very near the station where Hachi waited for his master - in fact, that's the station, "Shubuya", she uses every day to take the train to her workplace. Kaai LOVES Hachi and now wants to meet with Elijah so they can visit Hachi's statue, and grave, together. laughing smiley

Quite a coincidence, don't you think? Hmmmmmmm, maybe, just maybe... taking Elijah to visit Hachi may be one of those far fetched dreams I need to make come true? Of course the real reason to visit Hachi would be to visit Kaai... who is a daughter to me. - JamesJM

  Remember talking about Hachi?

JamesJM104November 20, 2022 03:13AM

  I'm sure I brought Hachi up..

sstrams69November 20, 2022 04:45AM

  have you guys watched HachikĊ Monogatari

IowaRam53November 20, 2022 07:51AM