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I'm gonna have a chat with NASA!!

November 16, 2022 02:04AM
EVERY time they launch, it's cloudy here in Jacksonville! I will always say the very best launch I witnessed from here was Columbia, in Jan 1986 (The launch before Challenger) It was at around 8-9 PM, it was crisp, cool and EXTREMELY clear. I mean zero haze! It was also a rare launch that went in a more NE direction. I remember I could HEAR it from my roof top and clearly see the Boosters break away. My Dad used to tell me the Apollo Saturn Vs were VERY impressive from Jacksonville.

  Artemis I Launch to the Moon (Official NASA Broadcast)

SeattleRam239November 15, 2022 08:03PM

  Cool beans...

SeattleRam118November 15, 2022 09:09PM

  I'm gonna have a chat with NASA!!

Ramgator102November 16, 2022 02:04AM

  Re: Artemis I Launch to the Moon (Official NASA Broadcast)

SeattleRam83November 19, 2022 06:31PM

  Why's it taking 6 days to get to the moon

IowaRam104November 19, 2022 07:04PM

  Probably slowed their speed down..

sstrams136November 20, 2022 04:50AM

  Figured there had to be a reason

IowaRam85November 20, 2022 07:40AM

  I dunno.. you would think they could..

sstrams81November 20, 2022 07:50AM

  Why is Orion slowing down

SeattleRam104November 20, 2022 09:55AM

  Watch as Artemis 1's Orion capsule flies by the moon Monday morning

SeattleRam79November 21, 2022 12:01AM

  They need to bring Walter Cronkite back

IowaRam76November 21, 2022 01:51PM