September 22, 2022 02:59PM
My grandson plays football against teams from Stuttgart, Ramstein, Kaiserslautern, Vilseck and Wiesbaden.... all of which have American military stationed there although I do not know the breakdown of Army vs Air Force OR, possibly, american military stationed on bases controlled by Germany. That last was common even back when I was stationed there. Wikipedia lists many American bases still active.

Robinson Barracks, the name, rings a bell... but alas, I cannot remember for sure.

I used to travel, occasionally, to work on computers in various locations in Germany and many NOT American bases although possessing American computers with American military personnel ... they were small outposts.... radar stations, etc. Sill in existence? I have no idea.

There were also several joint military bases, (back then)... today? Again, no idea.

Certainly many of the American controlled compounds in existence when I was there have by now been returned to German control.. like those 6 in your article were intended to be.

  Tracking my son on his way to...

JamesJM107September 22, 2022 10:48AM

  Re: Tracking my son on his way to...

MamaRAMa63September 22, 2022 11:37AM

  You drive onto a train, then thru the Chunnel....

JamesJM71September 22, 2022 12:14PM

  Re: You drive onto a train, then thru the Chunnel....

MamaRAMa75September 22, 2022 02:27PM

  Yes, the bases are fading quickly..... Interesting article!

JamesJM63September 22, 2022 02:59PM

  Very good news and surprised to learn my son's route...

JamesJM56September 23, 2022 05:09AM