September 17, 2022 01:15PM
remember me saying that? laughing smiley Well, I neglected to consider one minor thing... to do that you have to remember to put them in.

So... this next is said with very little experience... so far I'm undecided. I think I was fooled when I said 'they help' because without question background noises really become audible. But voices, and hearing what's said when two or more are talking at once? I dunno... if they help then so far I'd have to say "not much".

I was fooled, and made to look foolish, at the race last night. Sometime during the evening I mentioned to my youngest grandson that I could actually hear the announcer at an auto race for the first time in my life. My grandson smiled and said, "Papa, the speaker is 5' in front of you". I hadn't noticed that. laughing smiley

I keep repeating to myself what Costco said to me, "Give them time. You will adapt". But as of today I'm thinking these things are another Tutu". laughing smiley

  Got my new Costco Hearing Aids....

JamesJM83September 15, 2022 01:21PM

  Hopefully you get used to them...

sstrams43September 15, 2022 01:55PM

  'I'm going to be wearing them all day to begin'...

JamesJM63September 17, 2022 01:15PM

  "another Tutu"...!

sstrams57September 17, 2022 01:53PM

  It's my sick sense of humor....

JamesJM51September 17, 2022 05:16PM