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Got my new Costco Hearing Aids....

September 15, 2022 01:21PM
I think I posted this here, maybe it was elsewhere, I REALLY was filled with myself when during our current hearing test... sister, wife, and me... I had the best hearing of the lot. Oh man did I rub it in. Don't scold, you know you would have done the same.

I was surprised to learn I only have loss in the very high frequencies... but that's why I hear mumbling instead of distinct words. So do the hearing aids help?

Yes, they do... but nothing earth-shaking. They dialed them in so that background noises aren't horrible but wow, I can definitely hear them. When someone slams a car door anywhere near me, or even NOT near me, I'm looking for a bunker to dive into.

When two or more people are speaking at once, (think I noted before that in my family they ALL speak at once), I can now hear the individual voices instead of a muffled blur... but it still takes concentration.... something I'm not good at.

My own voice has an echo... something they say I will adapt too... I dunno. But it doesn't annoy me like it does many.

Horrible, just horrible for listening to music through my phone.... somewhat better thru CarPlay and my car speakers.

I really shouldn't complain because they definitely help... no cure all but they tell you that up front. They adapt as you wear them and I've only had them for a day so we'll see. I'm going to be wearing them all day to begin with so they can 'do their thing' and adapt... but once that process is complete I most likely will only wear them when in a crowd of people.

I am most anxious to hear thru them in a 'nature' setting, like my ranch. Birds, Insects, slight wind, distant water.... that's more important to me than conversation.

  Got my new Costco Hearing Aids....

JamesJM129September 15, 2022 01:21PM

  Hopefully you get used to them...

sstrams54September 15, 2022 01:55PM

  'I'm going to be wearing them all day to begin'...

JamesJM85September 17, 2022 01:15PM

  "another Tutu"...!

sstrams78September 17, 2022 01:53PM

  It's my sick sense of humor....

JamesJM79September 17, 2022 05:16PM