September 11, 2022 08:33AM
Carol Kane has signed on to Star Trek : Strange New Worlds

Might be considered spoiler territory

but if you haven't watched Strange New Worlds by now , you probably just don't care , but at the end of season 1 , the chief engieer needs to be replaced , and also , at the end of season 1 we hear Scottys voice , we never see him , but just hear him

it says Carol Kane is playing a engineer , but it doesn't say chief engineer , but I'm guessing she will be ,we all know Scottys coming at some point , I don't know if we'll get anymore Scotty in season two or not

Carol Kane plays a new engineer

Carol Kane is 70 years olds , and still looks pretty good for 70

but it seems a little weird that she'd be playing a engineer on a space ship , you'd think she'd be a Admiral now

I've always liked Carol Kane , ever since I first saw her on Taxi , some 40 years ago

Academy Award nominee Carol Kane will recur on SNW this season, playing Pelia, an engineer who is described as “highly educated and intelligent” and someone who “suffers no fools. Pelia solves problems calmly and brusquely, thanks to her many years of experience.”




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  Carol Kane has signed on to Star Trek : Strange New Worlds

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