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September 07, 2022 09:07AM
I will be in the market for a new smartwatch soon. I use it mostly for the GPS so Garmin has been an okay option so far, but I know that it is not the only option out there.


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  My Apple Watch review....

JamesJM136September 06, 2022 01:32PM

  Haha.. thanks, Jimmy...

sstrams63September 07, 2022 03:21AM

  If I understand you correctly

canadaram77September 07, 2022 03:35AM

  apple Watch with Cellular....

JamesJM66September 07, 2022 04:07AM

  Oops, sorry...

JamesJM50September 07, 2022 04:18AM


canadaram146September 07, 2022 09:07AM

  GPS is my main use for my phone...

JamesJM46September 07, 2022 09:53AM


sstrams56September 07, 2022 10:02AM

  That's a surprise....

JamesJM46September 07, 2022 10:30AM

  Yeah, that's what I always thought..

sstrams59September 07, 2022 10:38AM

  Re: GPS is my main use for my phone...

canadaram71September 07, 2022 02:49PM

  I have a Garmin Backpacking model hand held...

JamesJM51September 07, 2022 03:10PM