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Haha.. I dunno about that..

August 05, 2022 05:21AM
But I'll bet somebody eventually comes up with it, if they haven't already.. I know Rick Allen (Def Leppard) came up with some really interesting pedals that do various things for him.. I really should look up exactly what he's doing.. But, I'd bet he invented at least some of it out of necessity..

If you get that rolling, let me know - I'll split the millions we make off of it with ya.. smiling smiley

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Feeling a little down.... with my band on it's farewell tour... Attachments

JamesJM77August 04, 2022 03:15PM

  That's awesome.. enjoy it while you can...

sstrams42August 04, 2022 03:24PM

  By the way...

JamesJM67August 04, 2022 03:38PM

  So you use the Roland..

sstrams42August 04, 2022 04:27PM

  Yeah, it's specifically made for...

JamesJM46August 04, 2022 04:45PM

  Sweet! Not familiar with the electronic kit stuff..

sstrams56August 05, 2022 02:55AM

  Wow, never thought of that, I wonder...

JamesJM64August 05, 2022 04:01AM

  Haha.. I dunno about that..

sstrams52August 05, 2022 05:21AM

  Drummer question ? Attachments

IowaRam54August 07, 2022 03:04PM

  Big difference.... and it's speed...

JamesJM46August 07, 2022 03:39PM

  That's odd..

sstrams37August 07, 2022 03:54PM

  Another benefit to two....

JamesJM40August 07, 2022 04:07PM