July 31, 2022 08:35AM
depending on where you go, would have better water clarity AND more kick-a$$ beaches and scenery above water level.. Don't get me wrong - the Caribbean is bad to the bone, but the South Pacific is in an entirely different ball park.. to me, the South Pacific makes Mexico look like a lake.. there's just no comparison.. Now, other areas in the Caribbean are much better than Mexico, but still..

Honestly you only hafta worry about Great Whites in a few very select areas: unfortunately for you, California.. the quite a few of the Pacific and South Pacific islands, including the Pacific side of Mexico.. maybe North East in the US and South Africa.. But, pretty safe from Whites in the Caribbean and Bahamas.. However, you gotta worry more about Tiger Sharks in those areas and Bull Sharks.. Bulls are everywhere.. Bulls make me more nervous than any other shark I've dove with because they are so unpredictable and aggressive.. Same with Oceanic White Tips..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  77 years ago tonight....Or 1215 AM... 30 July 1945... The USS Indianapolis went down.

Ramgator78July 29, 2022 05:11PM

  Horrific circumstances for those guys..

sstrams41July 30, 2022 08:29AM

  Reading "In Harms Way"..... I was amazed to hear just how clear the Pacific is.

Ramgator29July 30, 2022 01:52PM

  Dude, the visibility is WAY more..

sstrams57July 30, 2022 02:06PM

  I envy you that...

JamesJM32July 31, 2022 07:55AM

  I would say the Pacific...

sstrams34July 31, 2022 08:35AM

  The ONE time I went Lobster diving, I got in BIG trouble!

Ramgator33July 31, 2022 09:12AM