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Re: I'm a huge JT fan

June 21, 2022 08:15AM
And of course there is Muncy. What, if anything, can be done? If he's still in pain maybe just shut him down. Whatever happened to Rios-is he hurt as well ? I see they just got Klay Thompson's younger brother Trayce. I liked him the brief time he was with the Dodgers before. Then again I like the entire family including the dad who was a great Laker.

I think Muncy is still feeling the effects of his elbow injury. Rios tore a hamstring and is out for a while. Trayce has some power, but offers little else.



waterfield23June 19, 2022 09:24PM

  No one will trade for Belli or Turner as both on 1 year

ferragamo7915June 20, 2022 02:48PM

  If they make it to the playoffs

waterfield10June 20, 2022 03:17PM


ferragamo7910June 21, 2022 05:45AM

  I'm a huge JT fan

21Dog12June 21, 2022 04:52AM

  Re: I'm a huge JT fan

waterfield9June 21, 2022 06:46AM

  Re: I'm a huge JT fan

21Dog7June 21, 2022 08:15AM

  Re: I'm a huge JT fan

waterfield5June 21, 2022 08:07PM

  he is

ferragamo795June 21, 2022 06:16PM