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Yeah. I have to do something.

June 18, 2022 05:53AM
When my Mom passed away 4 years ago, I inherited ALL of her albums. A couple were my Grandmother's who passed way back in 1952. I have thought about seeing if there are people who restore albums professionally. I think it's be worth the cost. I have always said that my almost TOO clear memories of so far back are because of my Mom's albums. That 1974 trip for example. I guarantee ya that when we got home, within 3-4 days, she had the photos in the album with "Who/ What and When" written under the pictures. Through the years, I have often looked at them, helping memories stick.

I used to joke with guys on the Fire Department about how I could look back to a certain day when I was 3-5 years old and recall certain smells, what the weather was like and what I was doing etc etc... But come Promotion Exam time????? I could study a paragraph in our SOPs for 30 minutes and forget everything as soon as I turned the page.

  How over the top nostalgic am I?? I drove 100 miles for a BBQ sandwich today. Attachments

Ramgator42June 17, 2022 05:38PM

  Hard to tell in the photo but my Brother's shirt???

Ramgator14June 17, 2022 05:40PM

  Check out the upper left corner! Remember those white corners that had to be glued?

Ramgator16June 17, 2022 05:43PM

  You need to transfer them..

sstrams24June 18, 2022 04:40AM

  Yeah. I have to do something.

Ramgator10June 18, 2022 05:53AM

  You could probably buy a scanner..

sstrams13June 18, 2022 05:59AM