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How over the top nostalgic am I?? I drove 100 miles for a BBQ sandwich today.

June 17, 2022 05:38PM
It goes back to my family's vacation in June 1974. We started by going to Six Gun Territory in Ocala. The next day, we went to Disney World for the first time. The third, we went to the Space Center and then home that afternoon. I LOVED that trip! On day 1, before going to Six Gun Territory, we stopped at a BBQ joint called Fat Boys BBQ. It turned out to be THE best BBQ pork sandwich I would EVER have. I was 7 years old by 2 days and I was VEEEERY picky and did not eat much. My Dad would always say it was his measuring stick for a BBQ sandwich. Eight years ago was the 40th anniversary of that trip and I got to thinking about it. I Googled to see if Fat Boys was even there and....IT WAS!! I drove down there then with my boys and it was JUUUUUST as good!

This morning, I woke up, thinking about that trip in 1974 and easily said....I KNOW WHAT'S FOR LUNCH!!!! So off I went....101 miles to Ocala. What REALLY blew me away was......I always recalled us being at Disney three days after my Birthday . As I drove today, it hit me.... We were at Fat Boys on 17 June 1974 (Two days after my Birthday) Just like 1974, I got there today just as they opened. Just like 1974, it was VERY hot outside. I parked on the same side of the building as 1974. The outside and inside of the place is EXACTLY the same! And today...My sandwich was SOOOOOO GOOD!! The photo was taken by my Mom. It's me, my Dad and Brother by the Train / Sign at the entrance to Six Gun Territory. LOL The photo does not show but I was queasy after riding a spinning ride. MAN! IT WAS HOT that day. Good day to get sick. We were just about to head for Orlando when this picture was taken. It was a cool trip today. I took the very scenic drive home, past Silver Springs and past what USED to be Six Gun Territory. NOW called "Six Gun Plaza"...a strip mall. SGT closed in 1984. Neat day but very bitter sweet knowing that Mom, Dad and Kenneth were not there...Physically.


  How over the top nostalgic am I?? I drove 100 miles for a BBQ sandwich today. Attachments

Ramgator42June 17, 2022 05:38PM

  Hard to tell in the photo but my Brother's shirt???

Ramgator15June 17, 2022 05:40PM

  Check out the upper left corner! Remember those white corners that had to be glued?

Ramgator16June 17, 2022 05:43PM

  You need to transfer them..

sstrams24June 18, 2022 04:40AM

  Yeah. I have to do something.

Ramgator11June 18, 2022 05:53AM

  You could probably buy a scanner..

sstrams13June 18, 2022 05:59AM