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I KNOW Bowling with Soup...

June 13, 2022 04:48PM
That surprised you, no? laughing smiley

You seem to have a lot of well known and very good musicians in and around your area! Same here... but not nearly as many today as 'back in the day'.. meaning 70's and 80's. and probably in the 60's.

I like to tell my grandkids stories about playing with, (mostly in practices), some groups that made it. The Association.. yeah, you'll have to look them up... but I practiced with them many times. Getting high with Lee Michaels, (many times)... and oddly NEVER meeting his eventual and famous drummer "Frosty". Once sat in with a group of musicians that played for Merle Haggard BUT... never with Merle himself, who was never at the practices. Same with Buck Owens, (whom I reallly didn't like and I mean his music and NOT him personally), and several others.

Here's something YOU KNOW.. for most of the musicians that 'made it' and that I've known... it was NOT the fame they clasped onto.. it was simply the ability to keep playing, - JamesJM

  Steve, good lord but things change, music...

JamesJM128June 13, 2022 04:02PM

  Alcoholic Bob's vasectomy anniversary...

sstrams45June 13, 2022 04:14PM

  I KNOW Bowling with Soup...

JamesJM45June 13, 2022 04:48PM


sstrams34June 14, 2022 02:09AM

  For those who don't know Bowling For Soup..

sstrams74June 15, 2022 02:28AM

  The Association?? Cool!!

Ramgator45June 15, 2022 02:56AM

  Re: The Association?? Cool!!

MamaRAMa47June 15, 2022 03:30AM

  As you may recall...

JamesJM42June 15, 2022 04:49AM

  My biggest association..

sstrams34June 15, 2022 04:14AM

  Gonna back you up on that, Steve...

JamesJM32June 15, 2022 04:56AM

  I would say the one word I use to describe them..

sstrams86June 15, 2022 05:03AM

  Did I mention that my band got an extension?

JamesJM31June 15, 2022 05:09AM

  You actually did, yes..

sstrams42June 15, 2022 05:20AM