June 11, 2022 06:51AM
I just had to do it. On a LIGHTER note.......After I put him in the bag and QUICKLY onto the backseat floor, I had to chuckle as I tossed my shovel into the backseat floor. I thought....Just HOW does this look??? Some tall goofy guy at 5:45 AM quickly tossing a shovel into a car and pulling away ASAP??? LOL I think by me trying to hurry and doing the deed early and with little traffic, I looked MORE suspicious than if I had just been casual on a regular morning.

It cracked me up as I crossed the bridge, I saw NO cars ANYWHERE. I punched it and parked about 30 yards past the bridge. JUST as I get out of my car, I see about six cars coming over the bridge. And there I am trying to look casual as they passed! When they did, I was about to do my thing with plenty of time to spare.

  UGH!! Another stray cat / kitten down.

Ramgator140June 07, 2022 01:58PM

  I totally understand that..

sstrams87June 07, 2022 02:20PM

  Gonna go scoop him up early in the morning tomorrow.

Ramgator64June 10, 2022 03:06PM

  Little guy is buried.

Ramgator142June 11, 2022 04:01AM

  That was a true act of kindness, Gator..

sstrams46June 11, 2022 06:26AM

  Thanks. Seeing that kitten a time or two on my walks was stuck in my head.

Ramgator83June 11, 2022 06:51AM

  Unbelievable! Buried ANOTHER this morning.

Ramgator47June 15, 2022 08:31AM

  That's awful..

sstrams53June 15, 2022 08:36AM

  I walk past there EVERY morning. I had never seen this one before. In fact..

Ramgator40June 15, 2022 03:34PM

  I can't stand the thought..

sstrams60June 15, 2022 03:47PM

  Our 5 fostered kittens depart this week... meaning...

JamesJM45June 16, 2022 09:15AM

  Kittens are vicious...

sstrams68June 16, 2022 09:33AM