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This weeks episodes

June 19, 2022 06:56AM
Obi Wan C+
Star Trek , Strange New Worlds B+
Ms Marvel B+
The Orville B

Obi Wan , A little better then last weeks , apperantly Qui-Gon Jinn is the only one that actually dies when stabbed with a lightsaber

Star Trek , Strange New Worlds , we got space pirates this week , although I'm still hoping for Space Hippies

Ms Marvel , not one of my most anticipated Marvel shows , but still required Marvel veiwing , I knew very liitle about Ms Marvel going in , only what I googled , but I have to say , the show is alot of fun , cute , and charming , it's like Mavel lite

The Orville , a decent episode ,

really looking forward to next weeks episode

the only real bummer about Strange New Worlds , is that there is only 10 episodes this season , at this rate , it will take 8 years to catch up to the original series in number of episodes


  Watched the first 3 episodes of Obi Wan...

JamesJM46June 06, 2022 10:08AM

  Re: Watched the first 3 episodes of Obi Wan...

MamaRAMa38June 06, 2022 10:29AM

  I did not know that...

JamesJM15June 06, 2022 11:13AM

  Re: I did not know that...

MamaRAMa18June 06, 2022 11:15AM

  This what kind of bugs me a bit

IowaRam14June 06, 2022 03:33PM

  Reva , the Third Sister

IowaRam16June 06, 2022 03:42PM

  I think she's after Vader's job...

JamesJM17June 06, 2022 04:09PM

  Re: Watched the first 3 episodes of Obi Wan...

IowaRam20June 12, 2022 06:10AM

  Speaking of Cal Kestis

IowaRam11June 12, 2022 06:32AM

  Another charater to keep and eye out for

IowaRam11June 12, 2022 06:47AM

  This weeks episodes

IowaRam8June 19, 2022 06:56AM

  Who doesn't love some space hippies

IowaRam10June 19, 2022 07:09AM