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Yeah, I should have

May 13, 2022 01:10PM
immediately said it was a 7 on 7. The way I laid out that post was a bit deceiving.... didn't mean it that way but yeah, it was.

Well, hanging with J Serra is definitely impressive. I can't back this up... but it 'seems' to me that your area, "Tulare Area"... puts out more than their share of truly top quality athletes. Which reminds me:

Does Kingsburg have a single 6th grade athlete UNDER 8' 16" tall? My WORD but they grow them huge in Kingsburg.

  We are going to play De La Salle...

JamesJM38May 13, 2022 11:36AM


21Dog21May 13, 2022 01:04PM

  Yeah, I should have

JamesJM14May 13, 2022 01:10PM

  we've had a tradition of skill players over the years

21Dog20May 14, 2022 05:40AM

  By the way... perhaps my home town's most noteworthy athlete...

JamesJM22May 13, 2022 01:56PM

  My mother Attachments

waterfield22May 13, 2022 02:51PM

  I remember that, Waterfield...

JamesJM11May 13, 2022 03:42PM

  Re: phew

waterfield13May 13, 2022 02:42PM