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Why? What is wrong with me?

May 12, 2022 01:46PM
17 guitars and just ordered another one.. sigh... So, this time the justification is if I record my ow songs, and put together a new band to perform them, then I need a new axe for the arsenal to kind of - I dunno - break the bottle of wine against the ship.. So, this is the one.. First black guitar I've ever owned, and I'm only doing it because of the green accents.. I also have a lime green pickup to install in the bridge position for all you music nerds See the wang bar (chrome handle hanging) the black box to the right of that contraption with the bar will also be lime green... I kinda dig the green fret markers and logo and the headstock (the part with the tuners) is reversed from all my other models, which point downward - this one points upward.. you can compare to my signature pic for comparison.. Tis is the only guitar I own with chrome hardware - all my others have gloss black hardware.. Should change the tone of the guitar completely...! not..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Why? What is wrong with me? Attachments

sstrams50May 12, 2022 01:46PM

  You have no self control whatsoever...

JamesJM11May 12, 2022 01:57PM

  now we know the real reason

IowaRam11May 12, 2022 02:11PM

  Well, wedge-shaped car - Attachments

sstrams11May 12, 2022 02:42PM

  Don't get me wrong, Steve...

JamesJM14May 12, 2022 02:49PM

  Oh no - I get that, totally..

sstrams9May 12, 2022 03:06PM