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Thats crazy

November 21, 2021 07:07AM
with all your kids and grandkids , that you've never watched Ghostbusters , thats like the perfect movie for kids..............LOL

didn't we used to have thread here for popular movies we've never seen ?

I always thought movies staring members of the original SNL cast was required viewing , right up there with Blues Brothers , Caddyshack , Stipes , and a couple dozen more

if you ever plan on watching the new Ghostbusters movie , I highly recommend going back and at least watching the original first


  We went and saw Ghostbusters Afterlife

IowaRam49November 20, 2021 02:26PM

  I haven't even seen the first one yet...

JamesJM18November 20, 2021 04:33PM

  Thats crazy

IowaRam16November 21, 2021 07:07AM

  Oh I'm sure my kids and grandkids have seen it...

JamesJM17November 21, 2021 07:55AM

  Kinda wondered if that was the case

IowaRam19November 21, 2021 08:36AM

  Believe it or not, I have never seen the original from start to finish. I don't know why but..

Ramgator20November 21, 2021 01:49PM

  Not a big fan of Ghostbusters and I'm a huge Ramis fan

ferragamo7912November 22, 2021 06:53AM

  Re: I haven't even seen the first one yet...

SeattleRam19November 21, 2021 02:03PM