September 12, 2021 06:07AM
That Oregon vs Ohio St. game cemented for me the belief that Fresno is not just 'for real' but capable of greatness this year. It's just a matter of consistency, and avoiding those letdowns they tend to experience every year.

I'm impressed with every aspect of their game... but mostly, I think, what appears to me to be incredible speed. Their receiving corp so far this year has been impressive, to say the least... and not to mention Haener's accuracy. - JamesJM

  Like ya to congratulate my grandson on this play...

JamesJM78September 11, 2021 02:05PM

  Greg... you know that kid?

JamesJM30September 11, 2021 02:32PM

  On closer examination he's #20

JamesJM28September 11, 2021 02:36PM

  sorry....not familiar with him

21Dog24September 12, 2021 05:21AM

  Yeah, I followed Kaz closely...

JamesJM28September 12, 2021 05:47AM

  Re: Yeah, I followed Kaz closely...

21Dog23September 12, 2021 02:23PM

  Oh, BTW... last night's game.. you were probably there, right?

JamesJM22September 12, 2021 05:56AM

  we were there

21Dog19September 12, 2021 06:02AM

  No doubt...

JamesJM24September 12, 2021 06:07AM

  Heat seeking missile there...

sstrams25September 12, 2021 04:40AM


JamesJM23September 12, 2021 06:00AM

  Please forward the link to Les Snead

Rams Junkie19September 12, 2021 02:18PM

  Re: Like ya to congratulate my grandson on this play...

canadaram24September 12, 2021 06:57PM