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Always thought it would have been cool.........

September 10, 2021 02:06PM
if they did a show about a different Constitution-class ship , with a whole different crew ,, but still in Kirks time line , just exploring a different part of the galaxy

I do like that this show is going back to a planet of the week episodes , like the original

we'll be getting different planets evey week , but I'm guessing scantily dressed space babes of the week , are probably a thing of the past , sad smiley


  Meet the cast , of the Enterprise

IowaRam46September 08, 2021 05:28PM

  I didn't even know that was in the works....

JamesJM26September 08, 2021 06:29PM

  Is that Gregory Pecks son or grandson ?

RAMbler24September 09, 2021 09:51AM

  Just looked it up... Peck's grandson.

RAMbler15September 09, 2021 09:52AM

  good catch Rambler

ferragamo7922September 09, 2021 05:38PM

  good catch ferragamo

Rams Junkie15September 15, 2021 07:15PM


SeattleRam23September 09, 2021 11:36AM

  Always thought it would have been cool.........

IowaRam16September 10, 2021 02:06PM