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wow, Steve, I'm a drumming genius....

July 18, 2021 01:44PM
I've never been able to play a smooth roll in which the initial drum hit isn't pretty heavily accented..... then one day I made a discovery.

I began rolling my hands... IOW... I'd play in a circular motion so that each initial stick strike was coming into the drum head at an angle....high on the head then rolling down the head toward me. Those initial accents became much less pronounced.

I still wasn't good at it and couldn't come close to pro's who play it in the standard fashion BUT... it was much improved, for me.

Just watched a video and made an astounding discovery. My technique is called a "Whipped Cream Roll" made popular by New Orleans drummers and adopted by Buddy Rich who taught it to Ed Shaughnessy who made the video I watched. IOW... i discovered, on my own, a technique used by Buddy Rich!

So on my "Drum Scorecard" I get an "F" for being a good studious drummer, (I should have know about this).... but an "A" for creativity. laughing smiley

  wow, Steve, I'm a drumming genius....

JamesJM24July 18, 2021 01:44PM

  I know, right?

sstrams11July 18, 2021 01:57PM

  LMAO.... love it.

JamesJM9July 18, 2021 02:17PM

  No, not really..

sstrams6July 18, 2021 02:20PM

  Well, that's a given....

JamesJM6July 18, 2021 02:25PM

  I always thought the character..

sstrams6July 18, 2021 05:17PM

  Another drum innovation of mine....

JamesJM7July 18, 2021 05:50PM

  That would be fun to jam to..

sstrams5July 19, 2021 03:43AM

  Hey, I'm semi-sane !

RAMbler8July 19, 2021 07:30AM

  There's always the exception..

sstrams8July 19, 2021 07:50AM

  LOL !!! nm

RAMbler4July 19, 2021 08:40AM

  What do you mean 'We'?

JamesJM9July 19, 2021 08:50AM

  That's true..

sstrams6July 19, 2021 08:57AM