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First day on the lake 2021 tomorrow?

June 09, 2021 04:09PM
It's possible. We're not sure yet. BUT... pontoon is back from the shop fully repaired and ready to go EXCEPT... my new bimini tops haven't come in. That means no shade, unless one takes an umbrella. Not really a problem for me since I spend nearly the entire day in the water... floating, sipping margaritas (I don't even drink margaritas except on a lake, not sure why but they work on a lake), and listening to MY music.

This will be a 'test' run... meaning I need to check the boat that it runs properly and I won't have to be towed in like last time because the fuel pump failed. If I wait until our trip Sunday when I have a full boat of guests it's sure to break down, it might anyway. Wouldn't be the first time, or the second.

Unlike Steve the water I'll be in won't have anything that wants to eat me swimming around.... I mean, I'll still jump and act the fool if a crappie brushes my leg but I'll be safe.

The lake is very low right now... so maybe I'll find the iPhone I dropped in the lake a couple years back. Or the $100 pair of sunglasses I discovered didn't have floating capability. Losing stuff in the lake is different than losing stuff on land... on the land you never quit searching for whatever you lost.. on the lake whatever you drop in the water is gone, you just have another margarita.

  First day on the lake 2021 tomorrow?

JamesJM20June 09, 2021 04:09PM

  Gotta get the jet ski up and running..

sstrams11June 10, 2021 03:47AM