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Yeah, Reef Shark...

June 10, 2021 05:21AM
For the most part, they're not interested in humans, as you can tell in the vid.. he literally swam 3 feet away from me and kept on chugging.. I'd agree its a weird feeling the first couple of times swimming or diving with them... I remember standing in the boat in Bora Bora with Blacktips circling the boat and the guy telling me to jump in.. kinda weird.. and you definitely look around you for a while, but soon get comfortable with them..

Nowadays I jump in and I look for them.. Hopefully I can get back to following them soon.. I did shoot another vid of this shark where I tried to follow for a bit, but soon realized it wasn't gonna happen.. I'll post that one soon..

Also shot some cool dolphin vids on the last dive of the trip - they put on quite a display for us out in the wild..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  First vid from Belize 2021

sstrams36June 09, 2021 03:16PM

  If that came by me while diving....

JamesJM15June 09, 2021 03:59PM

  Re: If that came by me while diving....

MamaRAMa11June 09, 2021 05:50PM

  That's kind of an old diver joke..

sstrams8June 10, 2021 03:36AM

  Re: First vid from Belize 2021

MamaRAMa17June 09, 2021 05:54PM

  Didn't really realize it, Mama..

sstrams9June 10, 2021 03:42AM

  Reef shark? Attachments

CeeZar13June 10, 2021 05:14AM

  Yeah, Reef Shark...

sstrams8June 10, 2021 05:21AM

  That shark KNEW.....

Ramgator12June 10, 2021 10:07AM


sstrams7June 10, 2021 10:12AM