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June 05, 2021 11:34AM
What were now seeing is merely home run contests from the hitters and who can throw the hardest from the pitchers. Add in the shifts which are a result of metrics and data collection and what you end up with is a game of either strikeouts or home runs or both. Not a lot of action in that.

  MLB attendence is down 50-60% from 2019

NewMexicoRam41June 05, 2021 10:00AM

  The quality of the game is absolute CRAP, IMO. Fundamentals are horrible.

Ramgator15June 05, 2021 10:39AM

  As I JUST said. My Step Son (HUGE Braves fan) tunes to see the Braves game

Ramgator12June 05, 2021 02:08PM


waterfield18June 05, 2021 11:34AM

  Re: IMO

six2stack20June 06, 2021 10:04PM

  Re: MLB attendence is down 50-60% from 2019

MamaRAMa29June 05, 2021 12:10PM


Ramgator18June 05, 2021 12:48PM

  when they restrict the number of fans allowed this is what happens

Rampage2K-18June 06, 2021 12:50AM