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Basketball or Soccer best actors?

May 03, 2021 11:44AM
Which do you think are the best at faking injury? I have to go with soccer.

I think Basketball may *win as far as the number of fake injuries but I'm sorry... basketball player just don't compare to the drama theatrics of soccer players

(*.. simply because they play more games)

I've often wondered... with the soccer dramatic injury displays if any player has ACTUALLY injured him/herself while performing? Some of them are truly extraordinary, (search YouTube for confirmation) with limbs flying about, ground pounding, slapping oneself on the head,

Some pro wrestlers used to slice themselves with razor blades, (harmless but cuts that would bleed profusely), so I can't help but wonder if a soccer player, or basketball player, has ever considered, or actually tried, this tactic?

To be fair... in soccer, at least in the World Cup which is pretty much the only soccer I watch (not counting high school soccer), they have cut back drastically on the fake injury theatrics.

  Basketball or Soccer best actors?

JamesJM16May 03, 2021 11:44AM

  Soccer, easily...

sstrams7May 03, 2021 12:11PM

  I watched a few of those funny videos today...

JamesJM14May 03, 2021 12:16PM

  Yikes.. that doesn't even sound right..

sstrams10May 03, 2021 12:26PM

  I cannot post Youtube videos but look up....

Ramgator15May 03, 2021 03:06PM

  Re: I cannot post Youtube videos but look up....

MamaRAMa14May 03, 2021 03:52PM


Ramgator17May 03, 2021 04:53PM

  Nope. ugh. nm

Ramgator6May 03, 2021 04:54PM


JamesJM10May 03, 2021 05:54PM

  Let's try again Attachments

MamaRAMa12May 03, 2021 05:58PM

  IT's the right URL but the wrong one for our software...

JamesJM16May 03, 2021 06:08PM

  Tough one....been watching a lot of basketball lately. I get why

ferragamo7912May 04, 2021 06:52AM

  Which is why....

JamesJM8May 04, 2021 09:52AM

  I wish they'd dump replay across the boards in sports.

Ramgator4May 04, 2021 10:01AM