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I miss seeing fundamentals in baseball.

April 29, 2021 06:19AM
It's all about stadiums that are not much bigger than a City League Softball field. You NEVER EVER see a hitter choke up to simply make contact when almost ANY contact will do. Pete Rose has called that out for years. You rarely see hit n runs behind the runner. Pitchers can no longer pitch inside without a glare by the batter (Wearing enough armor on the arm to go to battle). The same batters who stand there and overreact after a 310' wind blown HR are the same guys that throw a tantrum when chin music comes their way.

I watched the Cubs the previous two nights and I saw COUNTLESS batters golf swinging when base runners were needed. I stopped watching last night after 4 innings. It was absolute CRAP baseball by the Cubs.

  Moving on to Football because my Cubs SUCK!

Ramgator59April 28, 2021 04:17PM

  Pirate fan here...

sstrams19April 29, 2021 03:50AM

  I miss seeing fundamentals in baseball.

Ramgator18April 29, 2021 06:19AM

  The batters you speak of..

sstrams22April 29, 2021 07:26AM

  Re: Moving on to Football because my Cubs SUCK!

MamaRAMa25April 29, 2021 06:17AM

  I have to say this about the Cards.

Ramgator22April 29, 2021 06:26AM

  Giant fans vs Dodger fans...

JamesJM29April 29, 2021 09:07AM


ferragamo7923May 04, 2021 04:44PM

  Did you REALLY think I was judging either of them?

JamesJM23May 04, 2021 07:45PM

  my bad

ferragamo7912May 05, 2021 07:34AM

  Well....I'm calling my Cubs now.

Ramgator13May 05, 2021 12:14PM