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One way to look at this

April 26, 2021 10:42AM
is to use the unemployment benefits as barometer of what a worker SHOULD be earning. That puts accountability and responsibility on the employer not the employee. Having said that those I know who were furloughed during the pandemic received far less than what they would have normally earned. Then again, those amounted to roughly 8-10 people I've run into. Generally, I think most people would rather be at work for many reasons. Staying at home is a lonely bore, co-workers form a different social relationship than friends and neighbors, no daily home chores, just getting outside "in the world" is healthy. Nevertheless, I can't look down on people who are earning so little that an unemployment check is a driving engine forcing them to stay home.

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  Any of you seeing businesses shut down from people not wanting to work?

Ramgator46April 26, 2021 09:02AM

  They're making more collecting unemployment..

sstrams23April 26, 2021 10:16AM

  One way to look at this

waterfield29April 26, 2021 10:42AM

  I thought they used to..

sstrams21April 26, 2021 11:31AM

  Re: I thought they used to..

waterfield24April 26, 2021 07:07PM

  No, I haven't seen it, but..

sstrams16April 27, 2021 03:38AM

  Looked it up - I may actually be talking about..

sstrams15April 27, 2021 03:41AM

  The Soul of an Octopus..

sstrams14April 27, 2021 03:47AM

  Re: Any of you seeing businesses shut down from people not wanting to work?

MamaRAMa24April 26, 2021 06:07PM

  McDonald's paying $50 to show up for interview

CeeZar17April 27, 2021 09:21AM