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Tom Hollands version ?

May 02, 2021 10:54AM
of the three version , Tom Hollands is the least accurate

first I would like to say , I really like Tom Holland , so my critique isn't about him

Tobey Maguire's version is probably the most accurate

Andrew Garfield's version , ummm , well...................I'm not really sure where that one fits it , it was okish , kinda sorta

the one thing none of them have got right , is the sense of humor , and the Jekyll and Hyde aspect of the character , quiet Pater Parker puts on the mask and become a major chatter box , think of Deadpool , but a little more PG

there is a huge contrast between Peter Parker and his allies Spider-man , which has never been done very well in any of the version

they've hinted at it , but never really expanded on it , but Peter Parker is a genius , he's actually one of the smartest people in the marvel Universe

which brings me to Tom Hollands and the MCU's version

his dependency on Tony Stark / Iron Man just drives me nuts , in the comics , he really doesn't have much to do with Tony Stark

I know this is the thrid version of Spider-man , and they didn't want to do the same old things , as the first two

the fun thing about Peter Parker , was that he is every bit as smart as Tony Stark , the different is , is that Tony Stark is a Billionaire and Peter Parker can't usually even pay his rent , but yet Peter uses his ingenuity to accomplish the same thing , but only with a buck and a half in his pocket

now as far as the accuracy to Tom Hollands version , it's not even close

I'm not sure how familiar you are with Miles Morales version of Spider-man , but they basically took everything from the Miles Morales comics , except Miles Morales himself , and substituted Peter Parker in his place , all those characters , in the MCU version , Ned , MJ , Liz , Flash , Betty , the teachers , the school , thats all from the Miles Morales comic books , I mean , why does Betty look so much like Gwen Stacy anyways

Miles and Ned

Peter and Ned and Betty

kind of a spoiler , of what could happen

in Peter Parkers version of the comics , Ned becomes the Hob Goblin , not sure what they have planed for the movie version

, but yeah , Tom Hollands MCU version of Spider-man has stolen alot from Miles Morales

if you haven't had a chance to check out the animated film , Spider-man into the Spider-Verse , it might be worth checking out , it's probably the best best Spider-man movie of all of them


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IowaRam8May 02, 2021 10:54AM


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