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I'll believe it when i see it

April 07, 2021 08:28PM
While I understand Mars gravity is 1/3 of earths the density of Mars atmosphere is only 1% of earths. I just don't see how its going to have enough lift to fly.

  Flying on Mars... this is BIG, Seattle....

JamesJM34April 06, 2021 12:04PM

  I'll believe it when i see it

SeattleRam12April 07, 2021 08:28PM

  I haven't read up on it yet....

JamesJM12April 07, 2021 08:32PM

  Re: I haven't read up on it yet....

SeattleRam11April 07, 2021 09:00PM

  Mars helicopter Ingenuity won't fly until next week at the earliest

SeattleRam13April 13, 2021 05:01AM

  Thats Cool

IowaRam3April 13, 2021 07:46AM

  Yup, been following it....

JamesJM3April 13, 2021 02:59PM

  Re: Yup, been following it....

SeattleRam6April 13, 2021 11:06PM

  Yup, but what are those goals?

JamesJM3April 14, 2021 05:59AM