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My interest was because of UCLA

April 06, 2021 02:23PM
After their heartbreaking loss to Gonzaga I thought no one could beat them. Then again I had not seen any college games all year and boy did Baylor prove me wrong about the ZAGs. Baylor was big, fast, just brutal on the backboards. But to your point-I found myself back with the same interest I used to have before. I suppose that's because UCLA kindled it.

  Geez, I thought the final game would be close...

JamesJM32April 05, 2021 04:43PM

  This year had to be the least hyped / cared about NCAA final that I can recall.

Ramgator13April 06, 2021 08:51AM

  My interest was because of UCLA

waterfield13April 06, 2021 02:23PM

  I was young but you might recall........Our own Jacksonville University..

Ramgator9April 07, 2021 05:14AM

  remember that game well

21Dog9April 07, 2021 12:30PM