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going to a football game this evening...

April 02, 2021 07:12AM
First time since 2019. Preparing was a tech nightmare. laughing smiley Yes, I said 'tech'.

Because of Covid restrictions, (rapidly evolving), I at first was going to stream the game to our local HS fans... so I had to get equipment and study up on the 'how to's'. But then:

That fell thru because I could not attend the game. My daughter could, however, so we had to figure out the how's and logistics for her to go live on Facebook and stream the game to the rest of my family. But then:

Things changed and I could attend the game, so the first option of me live-streaming it opened up again. But then:

A local TV station announced that they will be broadcasting the game. But then:

Since my entire family would be at the game we had to figure out how to record the game, (YouTube TV), while we were away... something none of us had ever done.

Remember when you just drove to the stadium, got a good seat, and sat down and just 'watched' football games? Now it requires an advanced degree in 'techie know how'. Well, it doesn't actually 'require' it... it's just that cultural mores demand it. laughing smiley - JamesJM

  going to a football game this evening...

JamesJM35April 02, 2021 07:12AM

  Re: going to a football game this evening...

waterfield13April 02, 2021 07:52AM

  So true....

JamesJM14April 02, 2021 08:14AM

  Football in April ?

IowaRam15April 02, 2021 12:29PM

  It was great... perfect weather...

JamesJM11April 05, 2021 08:02AM