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Reviews are in...................BEST SHOW EVER !!!

January 14, 2021 10:35AM


critics were only allowed to review the first three episodes

after that.............

is anybody's guess

but the first three episodes , .....................BEST SHOW EVER !!!!

wink2 smiley

not a lot of super hero stuff in the first three episodes , but the show IS being applauded for it's attention to detail

the first three episodes are 30 minutes long , just like the sitcoms of old

each episode is set in a different decade

episode one 1950's , Dick van Dyke

episode two 1960's Bewitched

episode three 1970's Brady Bunch

episode one was actually filmed with a live studio audience , Dick van Dyke was even there for advice how how shows were filmed in those days

for each episode both cast and crew dressed up in the era's clothing , sets were designed that way as well

for some , the first three shows might be a slow burn , for those who are not familiar with all the other MCU movies , and especially those who are not familiar with the comics , as the show will be littered with , clues , hints and Easter eggs as to whats really going on , many of which probably won't be noticed by those who are not familiar with the source material

maybe once all 9 episodes are out , one will be able to go back and pick some of them up

but so far , Marvel has done an excellent job keeping the mystery.................a mystery

I'm totally excited for the show , because I have NO idea whats going to happen

I have a few theories , but those theories all lead in completely different direction , so I'm excited to see which one they use..........if any

some have describe the first three episodes as a large rocket sitting on the launch pad with it's engines firing

many believe the shows will get longer as they begin to strip away the sitcom aspect of the show

just like The Mandalorian, the hardest part will be to is to stay away from all spoilers...............all day

and if you knew my friends , you'd understand just how hard that is

the show will be full of clues , you just have to find them

a journey into a wondrous land , who's boundaries are that of imagination


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  Disney Plus

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  5 days to go

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  Reviews are in...................BEST SHOW EVER !!!

IowaRam52January 14, 2021 10:35AM

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  Dang Iowa..

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  A TV show that combines Super Heroes and the Dick Van Dyke Show

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  Just give Elizabeth Olsen the Emmy now

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  You're starting to scare me.

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  Re: You're starting to scare me.

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