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SST. More n more talk of new Kittens around here. Told my Wife what you said...

November 14, 2020 03:14AM
About new pets helping to move forward. We have been in a funk for over 2 weeks now. Doing MUCH better but still, we each take turns having something trigger memories. Yesterday, we were on the back porch, looking at the markers we placed on the two graves (Ordered very nice markers, by the way) And then......Our neighbor's cat came into out back yard . Very sweet cat. INSTANTLY, I felt our moods lighten up. I said nothing about to my Wife but I think she gets it too. This morning, she started asking me where a Shelter was in the Country South of here. And then she brought up the fact that at first the thought of another cat or two at this point would make her feel guilty but now thinks it will help move forward. I told her there will be absolutely NO replacing Bella and Colonel. They are pet Legends! But....Getting two more will bring maybe two more Legends in the house and help us move forward.

  SST. More n more talk of new Kittens around here. Told my Wife what you said...

Ramgator23November 14, 2020 03:14AM

  You might consider this. . . .

RAMbeau12November 14, 2020 04:34AM

  I got the impression..

sstrams11November 14, 2020 05:41AM

  No, you'll never replace Bella and Colonel, BUT..

sstrams8November 14, 2020 05:49AM

  Tuesday! We are Shelter bound!!

Ramgator11November 14, 2020 11:19AM

  Nice.. Sounds like a..

sstrams8November 14, 2020 12:06PM

  I have to be honest.

Ramgator13November 14, 2020 02:57PM


sstrams6November 14, 2020 06:39PM