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Re: Mom Passed yesterday

October 16, 2020 08:53AM
I'm sorry for your loss RFS69. No matter how old our parents are when they pass on, we continue to love them and miss them not being with us on this earth. And that's true whether you're 7 or 70. I lost my mom 40 years ago when I was 28 and I still miss her to this day. It took a long time before I could think about her without welling up, but I can think of her now and actually smile instead of weep. I try to honor her by living some of the principles she tried so hard to teach me and then passing those same life lessons on to MY kids and grandchild.

Give yourself the time and room to grieve in whatever way you need to and remember that "weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning" (Psalms 30:5).


  Mom Passed yesterday

RamsFanSince6958October 16, 2020 08:16AM

  Am so sorry '69...

sstrams8October 16, 2020 08:29AM

  Re: Mom Passed yesterday

MamaRAMa8October 16, 2020 08:53AM

  Re: Mom Passed yesterday

zn11October 16, 2020 09:51AM

  Re: Mom Passed yesterday

waterfield9October 16, 2020 10:20AM

  So sorry......

roman186October 16, 2020 10:25AM

  Re: Mom Passed yesterday

RAMbler7October 16, 2020 10:50AM

  Never know how to reply to these posts....

JamesJM9October 16, 2020 11:18AM

  Very sorry

SeattleRam7October 16, 2020 12:39PM

  So sorry. I always wish I knew the exact words for such times.

Ramgator3October 16, 2020 01:11PM

  2008 for me

21Dog6October 16, 2020 01:56PM

  Thanks to you all

RamsFanSince699October 16, 2020 07:47PM

  Re: Mom Passed yesterday

JoeMad3October 21, 2020 09:04AM

  Re: Mom Passed yesterday

AlbaNY_Ram5October 25, 2020 02:36PM

  sorry for your loss

ferragamo794October 26, 2020 02:32PM