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October 13, 2020 09:35AM
I love baseball and his description of the difference between baseball and other sports is perfect IMO. That begins around midpoint in the interview and yes before that there is a lot of political stuff that was not my intention. But his discussion of Mickey Mantle was especially interesting to me not only because as a kid he was a baseball hero of mine but also because of his struggles with alcoholism after his retirement from the game. When the L.A. Angels were a minor league team in the Pacific Coast League I rode my bicycle to Wrigley field in downtown Watts to watch an exhibition game between the Angels and the Yankees. Mantle was a rookie and coming to the plate I still remember him limping. He was hurt throughout his career and as Costas says as great as he was he was even better before his injuries. He also discusses the great baseball announcers such as Jack Buck of the Cardinals, his son Joe, and of course Scully. He talks about Ron Reagan's baseball announcing when you had to make stuff up during rain delays, etc.

If you want to skip some of the politics you just skip to a little past midpoint in the interview.

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  as a Mantle fan.....

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