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Re: Dodgers-Kershaw pitched great tonight-but

September 15, 2020 07:26AM
Yeah Kershaw definitely could've went further and probably should've went further, but Baez had bad luck. He gave up a wounded duck off the handle that most left fielders probably catch, minus Joc. The rest of the inning was a total *@)^ show!! The Dodgers have been playing crappy baseball for a couple weeks now.

We've been worried about the rotation and bullpen, but without a left handed hitter minus Seager, hitting much above the mendoza line, this team wouldn't stand much of a chance in the playoffs. Bellinger, Muncy, Joc, Lux, Rios..etc all just aren't hitting. And as we know pitching in the playoffs gets much tougher than most all of the pitching they'e been seeing in the regular season.

It sure was a real head scratcher to see Joc and his .180 average batting 3rd last night. And he rewarded Doc with an 0 for 4 with 3 Ks. I'm ready to start seeing Pollick against right handers, Joc just isn't getting the job done period!!

Hopefully JTs return tonight will spark the offense. Unfortunately, he is DHing, so he won't be able to help the atrocious defense we've been witnessing over the last 10 games or so.

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  Dodgers-Kershaw pitched great tonight-but

waterfield19September 14, 2020 07:37PM

  Re: Dodgers-Kershaw pitched great tonight-but

sacram8September 15, 2020 07:26AM

  there wasn't a single hard hit ball that inning

21Dog5September 15, 2020 07:29AM

  One other thing...

sacram7September 15, 2020 07:51AM