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Denis Villeneuve films

September 10, 2020 08:49AM
Don't think I'd judge to much from a first trailer

Dune is always gonna be a tough movie to make , a very complex and detailed book , with a bunch of unlikeable characters , isn't going to be easy for any film maker

But I think Denis Villeneuve has as good a chance as any , Denis Villeneuve films have a flavor all there own

Blade Runner 2049 , may not have been a commercial success , but it was a great movie none the less

I'm sceptical about the film , but with Denis Villeneuv and a stellar cast , I'm defiantly looking forward to it

if nothing else , it will be visually stunning


  DUNE trailer

IowaRam15September 09, 2020 12:09PM

  The Comeback trailer

IowaRam12September 09, 2020 02:44PM


CeeZar11September 10, 2020 05:03AM

  Re: Ugh

SeattleRam12September 10, 2020 06:37AM

  Denis Villeneuve films

IowaRam7September 10, 2020 08:49AM

  Well that's a much better resume

SeattleRam4September 10, 2020 08:58AM

  Hubie Halloween trailer

IowaRam13September 10, 2020 10:37AM